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The TE-80 Tube Elevator machine is used to feed empty tubes into your automatic tube sealing machines. This tube feeder is capable of feeding plastic tubes, laminate tubes, and aluminum tubes from left-side to right-side. The TE-80 Tube Elevator can be connected to the TFS-80 machine, Norden tube filling and sealing machines, etc.

Key features of the TE-80 Tube Elevator machine:

  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Throughput rate up to 100 tubes/min
  • PLC controller with photoelectrical sensor for speed regulation
  • Quick adjustment for different tube sizes

Technical Specification:

  • Products: plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, laminate tubes
  • Tube Diameter: 18-60mm
  • Tube Length: 70-235mm
  • Footprint: 1050x450x1720mm
  • Weight: 165kg

Required Utilities:

  • Total Power: 120W
  • Voltage: 220V

Possible application of the tube elevator machine:

With its industrial build quality, the TE-80 Tube Elevator machine can streamline your tube filling and sealing operation. Feed up to 100 tubes per minute into your automatic tube sealing machines of various makes and models.

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