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The TFS-80B tube filling machine is sure to become popular in the packaging industry.  Simply put, there is no other machine that can match the build quality, performance and quality components at this price level.  This tube filler will run up to 80 tubes per minute using hot-air sealing for both plastic and laminate tubes used in the cosmetic, personal care, household, chemical and food industries.  Built for fast changeover, easy cleaning and offering the lowest cost size parts in the industry, this tube filling machine meets the needs of contract packaging companies of all sizes.

Tube Filler Features:

  • Speed: 80 Tubes Per Minute
  • Sealing: Hot Air Sealing
  • Touch Screen PLC
  • Preset tube sealing settings
  • Automatic Cassette Tube Feeding
  • Automatic Tube Discharge
  • Automatic Tube Orientation
  • 12 Station Rotary Indexing
  • Bottom-up Filling with diving nozzle
  • Filling Nozzle with cut-off and air blow
  • No Tube No Fill safety
  • Rapid Change Over, easy cleaning
  • Rapid Delivery size parts tooling
  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts

Tube Filler Specifications:

  • Tube Diameter:  10mm - 55mm
  • Tube Length: 230mm (max tube O.A.L.)
  • Filling Volume: 5 - 300ml
  • Filling Accuracy:  +/- 1%
  • Hopper Volume: 40 Liter
  • Main Motor 2 HP (1.5kw)
  • Electrical:  220V, 3 Phase, 20A, 60Hz
  • Electrical Requirements:  5.4kw
  • Air Pressure:  87-116 PSI (0.6-0.8 Mpa)
  • Air Volume:  238 gallons/min (900 L/min)
  • Chilled Water Temperature: (15-20°C)
  • Max Hot Air Temperature: (600°C)
  • Dimensions: 95” wide x 45” deep x 90” tall
  • Weight: 3,300 lbs (1,500 kgs)

Top Quality Components:

  • PLC:  Mitsubishi (from Japan)
  • Touch Screen LCD:  Weinview (from Taiwan)
  • Variable Frequency Drive:  Delta (from Taiwan)
  • Servo Motor:  Mitsubishi (from Japan)
  • Orientation Sensor: Panasonic (from Japan)
  • Power Switch:  Omron (from Japan)
  • Solid State Relay:  Omron (from Japan)


  • Proximity Switch:  Sick (from Germany)
  • Emergency Stop:  Schneider (from France)
  • Power LED:  Schneider (from France)
  • Power Switch:  Schneider (from France)
  • CAM Switch:  Moullar (from Germany)
  • Pneumatic Cylinders:  SMC (from Japan)
  • 316L Stainless Steel contact parts


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