There's no arguing the popularity of personal care and beauty products in today's economy. Until rather recently, a steep majority of these products were packaged in traditional plastic jars or pump-based dispenser bottles. Today, however, more and more manufacturers are abandoning the use of jars and pumps in favor of squeezable tubes. It's been estimated that, in 2012 alone, the personal care/beauty sector accounted for over 90% of plastic squeeze tube sales.

This lends the question: what is it about squeezable cosmetic tubes that makes them such an ideal and appealing fit for this constantly-evolving industry? Let's examine some of the key advantages that have made them such a dominating force among beauty product manufacturers.  See our offering of in-stock cosmetic tubes:

Squeeze Tubes are Economically-Sound

in stock cosmetic tubesThanks to ongoing advancements in the process of tube filling and manufacturing squeezable tubes, as well as labeling techniques and the raw materials needed to produce them, many personal care companies are opting towards tubes as a way to help reduce production costs. For those who are not in need of high-end tube printing, such as hot-stamping or silk screen printing, the per-tube production costs of squeeze tubes can be substantially lowered by going with labels or other more affordable options.

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A New World of Versatility

Ironically, it was the emergence of tubes in other industries that led to their popularity in the beauty products industry. Anyone who has shopped for groceries has obviously seen everything from ketchup and mustard, to mayonnaise and jelly being offered in tube form. It was innovations like these that inspired makers of personal care products to reconsider their own options, as a means of differentiating their products while reducing costs.

The reasoning for this is simple; tubes offer entirely new levels of versatility. Not only can they be created to hold more precise amounts of product, they're also incredibly stable, fully customizable with labels and graphics, and able to support the demanding shelf-life requirements of many specialized and dated compounds. For applications requiring dose-specific volumes, this is one area where pumps, bottles and jars have consistently struggled.

Increased Environmentally-Friendly Options

Over the past decade there has been a powerful surge in demand for environmentally-sustainable personal care products, in addition to the packaging they're presented in.

Squeezable tubes are unique in their ability to remain stable when manufactured using today's more environment-friendly raw materials, and more affordable processes for manufacturing them are on the rise.

Aside from the inarguable sustainability of the materials being used today, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to streamline the production process. This includes developing methods which minimize wasted materials, powering their operation facilities via renewable energy sources, and recycling or reintegrating unused materials into future batch productions. And with new technologies constantly being developed and introduced, the process of manufacturing environmentally-responsible squeeze tubes is only expected to increase.

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