"truly a game changer in the plastic tube industry"

High Resolution Photorealistic Graphics

High Resolution


360° decoration

with no visible seam, gap or overlap (unlike labels)

360 Decoration
360 Decoration

Unlimited Pantone colors, shades, gradients and half-tones.

No extra charges

No printing plates, screens or changeover charges

Lowest MOQs

Lowest MOQs in the industry
(2,500 pieces per artwork)

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery time
(typically 3 weeks)

Tube Materials

Tube Material:
-Mono-layer PE
-Multi-layer COEX PE
(EVOH provides high barrier protection)

Cap Style:
-Flat Screw-on

Direct-To-Surface Digital Print

Tube Sizes

Step 1:

Choose a tube size:

  • 35mm diameter x 95mm length, 60ml, 2oz fill capacity
  • 35mm diameter x 115mm length, 90ml, 3oz fill capacity
  • 39mm diameter x 140mm length, 120ml, 4oz fill capacity
  • 49mm diameter x 140mm length, 180ml, 6oz fill capacity
  • 49mm diameter x 190mm length, 236ml, 8oz fill capacity

Step 2:

specify the quantity of tubes required
(MOQ is 2,500 tubes per artwork)


Step 3:

email artwork
Optional: Our graphic designers can help create new artwork or modify your existing designs.

Step 4:

Fill and Seal the tubes: