The Whole Package specializes in the engineering and machining of size parts for all makes and models of tube filling machinery.  Over 500 cosmetic packaging companies just in the USA use our parts on their production tube filler machine brands from Kalix, Norden, IWK, Unipac, Axomatic, Tonazzi, Kentex and Prosys.  We have been working with tube fillers for over 25 years, we pride ourselves on being the most experienced source for change parts on these machines in north America.  All parts are custom engineered in our USA engineering office using Solidworks 3D software.  Our engineering models are then used to program new generation CNC machinery ensuring high precision and excellent surface finishes.  By engineering and manufacturing all parts locally in the USA, we are able to deliver new format parts to our customers in 1-2 weeks at a substantial price savings compared with overseas OEM’s.

Watch our video of various parts we make for ALL makes and models of Tube Filling Machinery.