Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment and are purchasing products that contain less plastic, and more sustainable materials and brands are taking notice. Many manufacturers are now focusing on eco-friendly options for their product packaging, with materials such as cardboard, metal, and glass containers becoming popular. Considering that the EPA estimates that only 9.5% of plastic was recycled in 2014, more green packaging ideas should be a strong focus for all manufacturers.

Types of Green Cosmetic Packaging

    • Bamboo for make-up pallets and brushes
    • Metal tubes for lotions, creams, and make-up
    • Glass bottles for liquids and creams
    • Paper-carton tubes for lotions and creams
    • Cardboard/paper for outside packaging and boxes

L’Oréal, Albéa and Stora Enso Develop Paper-Based Tubes

L’Oréal and Albéa have announced the development of their first carton-based cosmetic tube. This paper-based squeeze tube could replace many of their existing plastic cosmetic tubes on the market. Commercial production is said to start in the second half of 2020. Vice-President Packaging & Development of L’Oréal, explains, ”Today we are going one step further and launching this new technology based on certified paper. By working upstream and closely with Albéa to co-develop this breakthrough innovation, we aim to create a new paper-based tube for our cosmetic packaging.”

Stora Enso, a renewable material company based in Finland, has also created an environmentally friendly tube. The body of the tube is made from a barrier-coated, grease-resistant paperboard and the only plastic would be the cap. This paperboard cosmetic tube is perfect for holding skin creams and reduces the use of plastic by 70% per tube!

Beauty Industry Shifting to Sustainable Packaging  

The search for more sustainable cosmetic packaging has become a key issue among many manufactures. Unilever announced their plans to accelerate a global campaign of making all of its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by the year 2025, as part of the company’s ‘Sustainable Living Plan.’

Stora Enso, launched a material called DuraSense, which is a blend of wood fibers and polymers. These new wood-based biocomposites can significantly reduce the consumption of regular plastic packaging while still keeping a high-end packaging look.

New Materials Work with Existing Production  

Companies developing these new eco-friendly packaging ideas are doing their best to allow their end-users to use existing production machines, molds, and techniques. Most filling and sealing machines originally used for plastic squeeze tubes are also compatible with paper-based or biocomposites packaging materials.

The Whole Package

Here at The Whole Package we have many tube filling and sealing machines that work with these new sustainable squeeze tubes along with existing plastic and aluminum ones as well.

• NEWECO model NTT-400A - is an automatic tube filling and sealing machine, used for filling squeeze tubes with gels, creams or other fluids. This machine also has hot air sealing and date/batch numbering along with tube end trimming capabilities.  

• NEWECO NTA-400 - an aluminum tube filling, and closing machine. This machine is used for filling of aluminum tubes, crimping (closing) and stamping date and/or batch numbers.

• NEWECO NZT-100 - this compact tube sealer is used for hot air sealing of previously filled polyethylene and laminated tubes and has date and/or batch numbering. This table-top tube sealer is perfect for small companies or indie brands launching small runs of products.

ZTA-100 - this compact tube crimping machine ZTA-100 is used for crimping of previously filled aluminum tubes and optionally stamping date and/or batch numbers on them.

NTT-200 - Tube filling and sealing machine is used for filling of polyethylene and laminated tubes with gels, creams or other fluids, sealing them with hot air, stamping date and/or batch number with tube end trimming capabilities.  

The Whole Package has specialized in cosmetic tube products for over two decades. We have built a strong reputation as the premier North American tube filling equipment and tube sealer machinery sales specialists in cosmetic packaging.

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