White Label Custom Designed Squeeze TubesPrivate labeling, or white labeling as many refer to it, is a convenient and affordable way for small and home based businesses to sell and market their products.  Not only does it allow you the distinction of having your own brand to promote, it also affords you the opportunity to present your goods in ways that are creative, practical and in direct competition with major brands.

For smaller companies and aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have access to large manufacturing facilities or expensive tube filling equipment, packaging and labeling often serve as two of the most common professional challenges.  In the case of lotions, creams, liquids and other semi-solid products, the solution may be as simple as working with a tube filling company that understands your needs, shares your vision, and has the resources needed to bring your product line to life.

Choosing the Right Tube for Your Products

Long before you sell your first product, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions regarding the materials you're working with, and the type of finished product you're aiming for.  A few of the most significant include:

  • What is the physical consistency of your product?
  • Do your materials have a specific shelf life or expiration date?
  • Will the compounds remain stable when exposed to heat?
  • Do you have a preference of laminate, plastic or aluminum tubes?
  • Are you working with round tubes or oval tubes?
  • What sort of filling volume are you considering for a first run?
  • Will your filled tubes have folds or serrations on the exterior?
  • Does your product require dating, batch numbers or lot coding?

Plastic Squeeze Tubes VS. Metal & Aluminum Tubes

For most startup businesses and smaller companies, and depending on the type of product being filled, plastic tubes are an economical way to get their product into the hands of consumers or retailers.  Plastic tubes will have a slightly glossed appearance and feel to them, while laminate tubes tend to have a more soft, matted texture.  Some of the most common products utilizing plastic squeeze tubes are cosmetics and personal care items, toothpastes, hair care products, in addition to semi-solid foods and a wide range of condiments.

Metal and aluminum squeeze tubes, as anyone who's held one will admit, have a more durable and high-end feel to them.  They are most frequently used in the filling of premium cosmetic and beauty products, designer lotions, shave balms, pharmaceutical ointments, liposomal products and foods, as well as silicone-based products, industrial materials, and chemicals with specific stability requirements.  Whereas plastic tubes are traditionally sealed and trimmed, aluminum and metal squeeze tubes are pressure sealed to protect the filled contents, while adding an element of design and style to the finished product.

Considering Tube Filling for Your Private Label Product?

Choosing the right tube filling service for your needs can seem a bit overwhelming, especially the first time around.  There are many factors to consider, including materials, volume, tube sealing techniques, labeling options and many others.  The Whole Package is located in Oak Ridge NJ, and brings over 25 years of professional tube filling experience and expertise to every project.

We Offer the Following Tube Sealing Machines to Purchase

Whether you're a seasoned pro or brand new to the concept of squeeze tube manufacturing, we can answer your questions and assist you through each step of the process.  To learn more about our services or capabilities, we invite you to contact us at 973-208-8654.  You can also contact us by e-mail through our website.