Many cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers are looking to fill and seal smaller runs of cosmetic tubes, for samples or product testing before larger roll-outs. Finding companies in the industry that have low, minimum order requirements can be difficult. Many outsourced tube filling and sealing companies don’t find it cost-effective to only produce a couple of thousand tubes at a time, it’s tedious to switch from one product to the next and cleaning machines can take hours. Another issue of having an outside company fill your cosmetic tubes, is time, factor in shipping of the bulk product and wait times associated with not being the only company in line, it can easily be weeks before the filled and sealed tubes are ready to ship to your customers.

Smaller manufacturers have always shown an interest in having tube filling and sealing capabilities in-house but until recently have found the pricing for these machines out of reach. Here at The Whole Package we have noticed the need and are providing affordable tube filling and sealing machines to manufacturing and indie companies in the cosmetic industry.

Expanding Indie Brands

Indie beauty is expanding rapidly as consumers search for new and unique products from independently own and operated companies! now has an entire section for emerging Indie Beauty Brands, selling everything from skincare to fragrance to haircare.
A lot of times these products are coming from small-batch manufacturers that don’t produce high volume. The Whole Package is looking to help these companies grow by providing them with the machines to produce and manufacture all under one roof. Please contact us today with any questions! We look forward to helping you!

Compact Cosmetic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

The Whole Package has many tube filling and sealing machines, one of our more affordable and compact options is the Model NTT-200 which is used for filling and sealing of polyethylene and laminated tubes. This machine is amazing at packaging gels, creams and especially the many CBD topical products that are hitting the market! This machine fills, seals, stamps date and/or batch numbers, and cuts excess plastic from the tube end, which can arise during the sealing process. This machine is semi-automatic and is made of high-quality stainless steel with a finished tube output of up to 700 tubes per hour! This affordable machine is extremely easy to use, making it a perfect match for cosmetic manufacturers looking to bring tube filling and sealing in-house. 

Watch Video Here!

Compact Cosmetic Tube Sealing Machine

Another great option is the Tube Sealing Machine NZT-100, it is a compact tube sealer that uses hot air to seal previously filled polyethylene and laminated tubes. This tabletop machine is made of high quality stainless with laser pointer tube positioning and date and/or batch number stamping capabilities. This device is operated by one person, whose task is to insert filled tubes, position them (with help from the laser) and remove tubes after they are sealed. This compact machine has a finished tube sealing output of up to 900 tubes per hour!

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