When it comes to change part tooling for your tube filling and sealing machines, we combine 3D printing and CNC machining in order to offer top-of-the-line products at competitive prices. Here is a better look at our tooling line for Neweco 400A series tube filling and sealing machines:

The first item shown in the video above is one of our tube holder shells. These shells are CNC machined from Delrin plastic and high-quality stainless steel. The combination of these two materials ensures that your tube holders stand up to the heaviest use without showing any obvious signs of wear.

Next is a set of 3D printed modular spacers. By 3D printing these from durable PETG filament, we are able to offer customers durable spacers in any size and shape needed for the best tube sealing quality.

After the spacers is our tube holder insert, referred to as a Flex Puck. Our Flex Pucks are 3D printed from two types of TPU filament with excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. The properties of these TPUs allow Flex Pucks to be run for hundreds of thousands of machine cycles with virtually zero wear and tear. Read more about our Flex Pucks here.

The Flex Puck is fastened inside the tube holder shell with the use of nine self-tapping screws, ensuring a secure assembly. Every full set of tooling comes with nine fully assembled tube holders.

Also shown in the video is our 3D printed vacuum block/loading tilter. This loading tilter is printed in a two-piece design from both TPU and PETG filament to offer the most optimized performance. The same flexible TPU used in our Flex Pucks is also found on the bottom half of the 3DP loading tilter, preventing any possible damage from overtightening of the mounting bolts. The top half is a durable PETG filament with less surface friction than TPU, allowing the tube to easily slide down the vacuum block when depressed.

Each full set of tooling comes with two sets of depressor and orientation cones. One set is printed from TPU and the other from PETG. The depressor cone assembly pushes the tube away from the vacuum block/loading tilter down into the tube holder. After this, the orientation cone assembly will spin the tube holder to the correct orientation for perfect tube sealing results.

Finally, the design behind our hot air nozzles is one of our most advanced and innovative. Since our nozzles are 3D printed from 316L stainless steel powder, we are able to incorporate features not easily attainable with traditional CNC machining. The intricate air holes direct the hot air up and out of the open end of the tube to avoid making a mess of your product. The hot air nozzle tip is secured to one of three sizes of CNC machined heads. Our hot air nozzle assemblies are swappable across all of your Neweco tube sealing machines. Read more about our hot air nozzles here.

Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or inquiries about tube sealing machines and tooling.