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FLAT-RATE Tube Filling service for Short-Runs

Short Run Tube Filling and Sealing

  • Lowest Run Sizes in the Industry
    Run sizes from 100 to 2,000 pieces.  Perfect for small indie cosmetics brands, new product launches, pilot batch sizes, personal care formulators, cosmetic chemists, product development cosmetic labs and private label cosmetics manufacturers of all sizes.  A popular request by natural cosmetics brands who require just in time manufacturing due to limited shelf life of their products.

  • FLAT-RATE Pricing
    Straight forward pricing makes budgeting your project easy.  No tooling costs, no setup costs, no hidden fees, this is contract packaging made easy.  Flat rate pricing starts at $1,000 per job.

  • Professional Tube Sealing Results
    Highly trained mechanics and operators running your job.  Only professional level filling and sealing machinery is used with hot-air sealing technology.  Retail-ready tube sealing quality and appearance with imprinted date/lot code in the tube seal.  Finally, you can achieve professional sealing results in small run sizes allowing your products to standout next to the major brands.

  • Fastest Delivery in the Industry
    As soon as the empty tubes and product bulk is received, tube filling and sealing begins.  Each job is assigned a direct contact so clients can call for real-time status updates on their order.  With multiple filling and sealing machines, there is no wait time, every job gets priority service.  Same day filling is available.

  • Attention to detail and quality assurance
    Filling is done in a clean-room environment, such as found in cosmetic labs.  Product bulk from the cosmetic manufacturer is micro tested before and after filling.  Each tube is pressure tested and weighed after sealing by a QA technician.  The attention to detail and quality results are unmatched in the industry.

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