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Why should you consider 3D Printing for your tooling needs?

  • Parts delivered in DAYS instead of weeks, Rapid tooling is now possible!
  • Savings of 20-40% over cnc machined prices, more part complexity = more savings!
  • Order quantity does not affect price, same pricing for 1x piece or 100x pieces.
  • Real industrial-grade thermoplastic material, very tough, durable and flexible.
  • Sustainable 100% recyclable tooling, the perfect match to your Sustainable Packaging.
  • Parts are produced in any color you wish, great for color-coding tooling sets.
  • Part complexity does not increase price, allows for new innovative designs!
  • Expensive injection molds NO longer required, saves lots of cost and time.
  • Change your design as many times as you wish, Rapid design iterations.

Custom Printed 3D Part

Custom Printed 3D Parts

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