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Custom Squeeze Tubes The Whole Package can help companies of all sizes fill and seal their tubes.  We focus on short run tube filling for all company sizes including startups thru larger established brands in need of a new product launch.  Far too often we hear of the challenges companies face in pursuit of outsourcing small run filling needs.  With the fast-paced ever changing needs of cosmetic and personal care brands, there needs to be a better solution, The Whole Package wants to help in this challenge.  As a company that sells Tube Filling & Sealing Machinery, Change Parts and provides Technical Support services, we have a unique ability like nobody else in the industry to help clients outsource the filling and sealing of their tubes.
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Short Run Tube Filling & Sealing   We want to help startups launch their new product in tubes.  We specialize in short production run size sizes of 100 - 5,000 tubes   Most contract packaging companies want larger production runs, often times paying no attention to smaller brands and start-up companies.

Extremely Fast Turnaround Time   We keep multiple, brand new tube filling and sealing machines in stock ready to run.  Since we sell and service tube filling machinery, we stock spare parts, size parts and have tube filler technicians on site.  This all means your production happens quickly and efficiently. Simply send product bulk, tube filling & sealing begins right away.   To keep their tube filling equipment running, contract packagers must order spare parts and change parts from an outside source often waiting weeks for delivery.  In addition, if their machine breaks down it can take a week or longer just to have a technician onsite and fix the problem.  Your product launch may miss the target date.

Little to no tooling costs for different tube sizes saves valuable money which can be put towards marketing your new product.   The Whole Package was founded on engineering and manufacturing tooling and change parts for all makes and models of tube filling equipment.  Our change parts are designed and machined here in the USA giving us the unique ability to produce new tooling in as little as 1 week time.  Because our core business is selling both tube filling machinery and the associated change part tooling, we are able to begin the job much sooner filling and sealing a wide range of tube sizes on a cheaper per piece basis than others in the industry.   Most contract packagers do not have the ability to engineer and manufacture tooling for their tube filling lines in house.  This means they must order custom size parts tooling from a third party often costing anywhere from $6,000 - $10,000+ per unique tube shape and size.  It is normal for custom tooling to take 3-6 weeks for delivery, thus pushing your product launch further out.  Because the tooling cost is often added into the per tube filling price, it is often cost prohibitive for startups and smaller brands to launch their new products into tubes.

Filling & Sealing All Tube Types   We have tube filling machines that can run Plastic, Laminate, and collapsible Aluminum tubes in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Our tube sealing machinery works with extruded mono layer tubes, COEX tubes, Injection molded PP tubes, ABL and PBL laminate tubes, airless tubes, including various specialty cap designs.   Many contract packaging companies only have the capability of sealing plastic or laminate tubes.  Others can only fill metal tubes.  They often shy away from non-standard tubes, tubes with oval or flat shapes or specialty cap designs.  This can create a difficult sourcing issue for brands with multiple tube materials, shapes, sizes and caps.

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