If you manufacture products that are packaged in metal or plastic tubes, it's safe to assume that you know a thing or two about tube filling services.  As industries become more competitive, the need to keep costs low while streamlining productivity has never been more important.  As many businesses and manufactures are discovering, one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to accomplish both tasks, is to fill their tubes in-house.

In this article we're going to take a look at some of the advantages associated with purchasing a tube filling machine for in-house production.

Faster Production Times

One of the most notable benefits of buying your own tube-filling machine, is the time you'll save compared to outsourcing.  And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with going the outsource route, growing companies often find themselves in need of far more expedited turnaround times.  Outsourcing requires planning, conversations, transport and delivery time, and a wide range of other unforeseen variables.  When you fill your tubes in-house, you have the freedom to focus exclusively on the batch at hand, while going straight from production to packaging and working directly with your staff. We recommend looking into the TFS80 Tube Filling Machine.

Substantial Cost Savings

Tube Filler MachineLike any service, outsourcing the filling of your plastic or metal tubes is an expense.  Regardless of what sort of rate you're getting, you're still paying for the tube fillers' labor time, equipment use, expertise, batch management and quality control/assurance services.  When you bring production under your own roof, these expenses can be significantly reduced both in the short and long run.  And while having your staff oversee production isn't free, per se, it can most definitely offset the costs associated with outsourcing every batch you have filled in the foreseeable future.

Greater Control Over Batch Productions

Since we can only speak for ourselves, we at The Whole Package can say with total certainty that we're meticulous when it comes to batch integrity, volumes, overages, and other essential quality standards.  But that doesn't mean that every tube filling company shares our integrity.  Any time you entrust your goods with a filling service, you're essentially taking them at their word.  If safety, potency and purity are high on your list of concerns, an in-house tube fill setup may be a wise option.

In addition to the savings in time and production, you'll also be able to oversee each step of the production process; thus giving you absolute assurance that your goods are being manufactured according to your specific quality standards and instructions.

Tube Filling Machines Offer Excellent ROI

From our experience, we've seen manufacturers recoup their tube-fill machine investments in as little as a matter of months, depending on the specific type of product and volumes produced.  Much of this can be attributed to their ability to fill at their own pace, while also being able to bring more product to shelves faster and more efficiently.

If you're a manufacturer who has been toying with the notion of in-house tube filling capabilities, we invite you to find out how affordable and rewarding it can be.  For over 25 years, The Whole Package has been offering a complete line of automatic tube fillers, tube sealing machines, new and rebuilt units, and many other options.  Contact us through our website or call us today at 973-208-8654 to learn more.