Most brand owners, including pharmaceutical brand owners, are aware that consumers and patients prefer the convenience of tubes. Tubes are easier for dispensing the products without any sudden release or splashing. However, when it comes to pharmaceutical products, the brand owners need to ensure that no air enters the tube, as air and moisture can affect and change the composition of the formulation.

In order to overcome this, the manufacturer may need to add preservatives and other compounds that can be expensive or lead to side effects. A simpler solution would be to use airless tubes.


Airless Tubes

Tubairless is a new airless tube packaging that has been developed by Clariant Healthcare Packaging and Pumpart System. The tube has been specifically developed for packaging pharmaceutical creams and pastes and ensures that air does not easily enter the tube. Tubairless consists of an air chamber and a small plastic pouch sealed inside the flexible tube. 

Cost Effective

Pharmaceutical brand owners are likely to find the Tubairless more cost effective than piston pumps. Piston pumps have as many as 20 parts, while the Tubairless tube only has three.  Tubairless uses significantly less plastic compared to piston pumps, between 25 and 50 percent less.

Green Message

With consumers increasingly looking for green products and those with less plastic, manufacturers of pharmaceutical products can also tout the new Tubairless tubes as more environmentally friendly as it uses less plastic.

Ease of Use

The tubes are easier to use as controlled dispensing of the cream or gel is possible. There are no sudden splashes and consumers, therefore, prefer these tubes. Moreover, almost complete evacuation of the gel is possible, up to 95 percent in most cases. Again, consumers are likely to find this much more preferable, given the high cost of pharmaceutical products.

Better Compliance

While consumers are bound to appreciate the easier to use airless tubes and their eco-friendly nature, healthcare providers will like the fact that the ease of use makes for better compliance from patients. Often patients do not follow application instructions because of dispensing difficulties or difficulties in evacuating the entire gel or cream. With these difficulties removed and better protection for the cream or gel, healthcare providers can expect better patient compliance as well.

Pharmaceutical products need to be carefully protected from exposure to air and moisture in order to ensure that they retain their healing properties. However, unless the packaging and dispenser is appropriately designed, this can be a difficult proposition. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to ensure that the cream or gel is well protected, easy to dispense, and also packed affordably in order to ensure that patients can benefit.

All of these criteria are met with Tubairless tubes. By simply preventing backflow and ingress of air into the tube, the pastes and gels can be made without additional preservatives and stabilizers, reducing the cost of manufacturing of the formulation as well. These tubes ensure lower costs and improved performance for manufacturers and users.