The global demand for squeezable tubes has increased and is set to rise further with greater demand from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries as well as from the more mature and developed economies of the US, Eurozone, and Japan. Different factors account for the increase in demand for personal care and beauty products in squeezable tubes in these countries. However, one common factor is the ease of dispensing the products from their handy squeezable tubes.

Benefits of 3D Printing for Tooling

3D Printed Tooling

The Whole Package offers packaging machinery tooling with 3D printing technology. This is of marvelous benefit to manufacturers since they can cut time and other costs when developing new packaging for their products. With 3D printing, parts can be delivered in days instead of weeks. Fast tooling is now a reality and one can attain the machine parts quickly, reducing time to market. Manufacturers can reduce cost of tube machinery change parts by between 20 and 40 percent.

The more complex the parts involved the greater the savings. You no longer require expensive injection molds or cnc machining thus cutting costs significantly. Moreover, the complexity of the parts does not increase the cost of tooling, enabling tube manufacturers to offer complex tube designs at a competitive price.

Expanding Tube Market

The market for squeezable tubes is expanding most rapidly in the Asia Pacific. India is set to be one of the major markets for these products because of multiple reasons. 

Rural India

For one, there is an increase in disposable income among the rural poor. Additionally, personal care product manufacturers such as Colgate Palmolive have put in place a system for educating the rural customer about the need for oral hygiene. This will increase demand for toothpastes in India. As toothpastes account for a major share of the squeezable tube market, this is sunny news for tube manufacturers.


Personal care products are now being targeted at men as well. This has significantly increased the market for personal care products and consequently the need for squeezable tubes.

Multi Use Products

In the more mature economies of the US and Eurozone, multi use products are now being offered in convenient squeezable tubes. For instance, one can now find a 2 in 1 hand sanitizer and hand lotion, or an anti-aging cream with a SPF of over 50. These products are targeted at the older demographic of aging countries such as Europe and Japan.

Whatever the target market for personal care and beauty products, most consumers are now ready to use the convenient squeezable tubes. Tube manufacturers who can offer product manufacturers 3D design and tooling capabilities will be able to reduce costs and time to market while catering to the need for distinctive designs and products. Tube manufacturers need to upgrade their design and manufacturing facilities incorporating the latest 3D technologies in their manufacturing process. By consulting with The Whole Package, tube manufacturers can make use of the expertise and technological knowhow of tube filling machinery specialists.