Plastic Tubes

In the world of cosmetic packaging, trends come and go, but one such trend that has emerged into a new standard is the notion of “inclusive beauty.”  Inclusive beauty broadens the traditional stereotypical definition of beauty and depicts beauty brands in a variety of more culturally diverse ways.  No longer is the narrow demographic of the young, presumably affluent beauty queen with the perfect body type the focus of an entire cosmetic packaging line.  Rather, with the new standard of inclusive beauty “real” people are being sought after and welcomed.  As such, cosmetic companies are clamoring to include all skin tones as a part of the perfect shade collection for foundation or lip gloss. 

Squeeze Tube Packaging is the Perfect Solution for SKU Heavy Lines

However, what does inclusive beauty mean for packaging cosmetics particularly in the arena of tube packaging?  Manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetic companies have taken notice and understand they will have to acclimate themselves to more extensive collections anywhere from 10 to 30+ shades across multiple products.  Also, tube suppliers will need to accommodate for low tube MOQ for new entrant shades, as well as, be flexible to manage discontinued shades.  New or existing brands can utilize the benefit of tube packaging to react more quickly to market pressures and trends.

Cosmetic Tubes Offer High Visual Impact on Shelf

It is essential that the visual presentation for tube packaging meet the new creative standards ensuring every shade is depicted accurately.  The movement of inclusive beauty recognizes that all skin is treated equal and the consumer should see that with high-quality product graphics as well.  Since tube decoration is critical, a high-resolution digital print tube is often recommended.  Digital printing offers unlimited graphic design space on the tube and does not require expensive pre-production costs such as screens or plates.  Cosmetic tubes can also feature the latest finishes such as soft touch or glossy.  And, there are also several different tip applications for plastic tubes to gain a perfectly controlled, ergonomic application of your product formula.  

The Dependability of Plastic Tube Packaging

Plastic tubes are dependable and on the rise!  This increase is driven by the consumer’s desire for more convenience, portability and eco-friendly materials in their cosmetic tube packaging and brand story.  Squeeze tubes are easy to use and allow the consumer to evacuate almost every drop of product out, providing a better value. Cosmetic tubes are also easy to recycle, which makes them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers. In fact, cosmetic companies are actively seeking out supply chain partners whereby sustainability is a primary goal which can be integrated into products and manufacturing processes.

The Whole Package, LLC., a domestic tube supplier in New Jersey specializes in cosmetic plastic tube packaging featuring advanced materials, innovative capping systems and various modes of application.  We offer turnkey service with a variety of tube filling and sealing lines dedicated to handling short-run, SKU heavy lineups such as inclusive beauty lines.  With over 25 years in the tube business, we look forward to bringing you our expertise which is critical for success in the ultra-competitive beauty and personal care world. Give us a call at 973-208-8654 or write to us via our contact page, we’re always happy to talk tubes!