With the growing importance of appearance for both men and women, there is a huge demand for cosmetics in today’s market. However, a manufacturer of specialty cosmetics needs to be able to make an impression on the consumer and ensure that they try the wonderful product first. Additionally, consumers now look for more than a terrific cosmetic, they want it at a lower price, and are also eco conscious. Using tube packaging for specialty cosmetics meets multiple requirements of manufacturers.

Lower Price

Cosmetic Squeeze TubesTube packaging can be an affordable way of delivering specialty cosmetics to consumers. Improvements in technology have made this packaging system more affordable. It is also fairly simple to label the products to create custom brands for even small quantities of cosmetics.

Packaging Versatility

Tube packaging offers greater versatility for manufacturers. Tubes can be made to hold as little as 3 ml of a specialty cosmetic or as much as 270 ml. This means that the manufacturer can offer small samples or smaller tubes of expensive specialty cosmetics to woo first time users, while continuing to offer larger volume tubes of the same product.

The tubes can be designed to have a variety of heads such as needle point tips, slanted needle point tips, and so on. The external appearance of the tube can also be changed to reflect the product and brand. One can choose from metallic covers, printed, and silk screen labels in multiple colors to ensure that the specialty cosmetic stands out even in crowded cosmetic counter shelves.

Depending on the cosmetic being packaged the manufacturers can include a brush tip applicator, a metal tip applicator, or a single use twist top to ensure that consumers are able to use the product with ease. This versatility enhances the utility of tube packaging for both manufacturers and consumers. 

Eco Friendly

Tube packaging is an eco-friendly option that enables the manufacturer to include this in their branding efforts. When using tube packaging, it is possible to fill precise amounts into the packaging, recycle and reuse unused packaging material.  Furthermore, the raw materials used for tube packaging have evolved to become more eco-friendly with developments in technology.

Stable Packaging

Tube packaging is stable and ensures that specialty cosmetics and their unique compounds will remain stable for the shelf life of the product.  

Ease of Transportation

Tube packaging makes transportation of the specialty cosmetics easier.  Tubes are less bulky when compared to the older plastic jars and pumps, they weigh less and cost less to transport to retailers.

Ease of Use

Consumers prefer the convenience that tube packaging provides.  While squeezable tubes were originally used for food products such as jams, jellies, ad mayonnaise, they are now being used by cosmetics manufacturers. Consumers love the convenience of tube packaging that comes with a variety of heads that makes dispensing cosmetics much easier. Consumers can easily dispense the right amount of cosmetics they need, reducing wasted product.