Our CNC machined hot air nozzles are designed to surpass OEM quality and give you stronger, cleaner tube seals. This is achieved through design elements in the tip itself, as well as verifying by hand the fitment of each tip with unsealed tubes.

First, our hot air nozzle tips utilize hundreds of 1mm holes to disperse hot air evenly around the entire tube wall. The rows and overall number of air holes can be customized for particularly difficult applications, but typically two staggered rows of holes provide excellent seals. A similar design can be found on our metal 3D printed hot air nozzles.

In addition to specifically designed air holes, we put each tip through a thorough finishing process to ensure the highest possible quality. The outside diameter of the nozzle tips is first turned down to size. This tip is called the “on-size” tip and fits the customer-provided samples most accurately. Fitment is always verified by hand. After the correct diameter is achieved, a back chamfer is added to the tip edge. The chamfer removes any potential burrs and ensures melted plastic from the tube wall does not build up and block the air holes. Finally, the outside diameter is measured and engraved into the side of the tip. The video below shows a full set of hot air nozzles for a Neweco NTT-400A machine.

Plastic tubes, laminate tubes, and in-mold label tubes all vary in size when manufactured and generally have poor tolerances when compared to CNC or 3DP parts. This is why our standard hot air nozzle sets include two extra tips, one 0.2mm oversized and one 0.2mm undersized. These extra tips help account for any size variances in unsealed tubes, preventing unnecessary production downtime.

Full hot air nozzle sets will also include a CNC machined nozzle head and, if necessary, a CNC cooling ring. Our hot air nozzle heads have various sizes of grooves, allowing you to easily swap tip sizes without needing to purchase a whole new assembly. All our CNC parts are made from the same high quality 316L or 304 stainless steels, ensuring a long lifespan in a harsh environment.

Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions.