At The Whole Package, LLC we are very excited to announce the availability of 3D Printed Parts. With this new technology, we are able to offer the fastest delivery time in the industry for all of your part needs. What used to take a couple weeks to engineer and manufacture using traditional CNC machinery, we can now offer RAPID TOOLING in as little as 3-5 days turn-around time.

Another huge benefit in using 3D Printing is that it allows our engineers to design parts that would be impossible to machine using conventional CNC equipment. Assemblies that often required a half dozen individual parts bolted together, can now be completely 3D Printed as a single piece, no bolts, no assembly, and best of all, RAPID turn-around times in the single digit days, no more waiting 2-3 weeks for your parts.


Here are some pictures of various parts:

3D Printed Parts

plastic 3D printing parts

Custom Printed 3D Parts

custom printed plastic 3D printing part

Custom Made 3D Printed Parts

custom printed plastic 3D printing parts