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The Whole Package can help companies of all sizes to find a private label cosmetic manufacturer.  Working in the tube filling industry for over 30 years, we have many partners who specialize in various types of tube filling and sealing, including plastic, laminate and metal tubes.  We work closely with a number of reputable tube suppliers to ensure our clients are using the best tube for the project.  We are happy to work with smaller startup companies as well as larger established brands.  Whether your company requires short-run tube filling and sealing or requires large volume, long running tube filler contracts, we can recommend the best contract packaging partner to fit your needs.  

Far too often we hear the frustrations companies face in pursuit of outsourcing their small run tube filling needs.  Finding the right contract packager is not an easy task, this is where The Whole Package can make the process easy with our hundreds of contacts throughout the industry.  As a company that sells Tube Filling & Sealing Machinery, Change Parts and provides Technical Support services, we have a unique ability like nobody else in the industry to help clients outsource the filling and sealing of their tubes.

The Process is Quick and Easy, and best of all FREE...

Step One: We review your project requirements, run sizes, artwork, package options, etc.
Step Two: We help you source the correct tube for your project understanding what sealing technology and tube filler machinery would work best.  This is an extremely important step to understand and often goes overlooked, unfortunately resulting in high cost and waste at time of filling.
Step Three: We recommend a choice of trusted private label contract packaging companies who specialize in tube filling using our nationwide list of contacts who are well equipped to meet your needs.

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